Sports Massage / Injury Rehab

Sports Massage / Injury Rehab
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Sports massage as well as being enjoyable is an important part of getting fit and feeling good.

Sports massage for anyone who trains, whether amateur or professional, is the perfect way to reduce the risks of injury, which will in return help you train more consistently.

Cells of the body need a good blood supply for growth and repair.

The body also needs to eliminate debris from tissue damage or inflammation, built up from daily life and exercise.

Sports massage stimulates blood circulation and the removal of waste produce.

Short term affects of sports massage are feeling less stressed and relaxed, long term affects of sports massage are being more energized.

Injury Rehabilitation 

 is working on a specific area, through massage, stretching and exercises.

      As a qualified sport massage therapist, I can work with specific problems like, tension in the neck, migraine, frozen shoulder, lower back problems, sciatica, tight hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, calf injuries and much more!

Whether it's a general massage you want or treatment on a specific area, having it done in a location that suits you, is so much more beneficial, saving you time and travel.



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